Welcome to our new home!

This BLOG is now the new home of the Young Carers Revolution Campaign!   Here we will keep you up to date with all of our latest news and projects!

Thankyou for following us so far, you can still go back and look through the YCR Story and see how we got to where we are today.   We think this new BLOG is a better way of directing people easily to the campaign materials without having to scroll through masses of posts.   We look forward to your comments and feedback!


CJ :: Inspired Youth


About Young Carers Revolution

Young Carers Revolution is a movement of change for young carers in York. By developing our voice and using it well, we can make a positive difference to issues which we face.
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One Response to Welcome to our new home!

  1. Good luck with your campaign!!!!
    I have shared your videos with our Facebook page – Young Carers and Disability awareness in schools. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Carers-and-Disability-Awareness-in-Schools/137132433005091
    We are trying to get more awareness into schools, and are hoping to get something put in place nationally to make it compulsary for ALL schools (inc primary) to support young carers more and raise more awareness within schools, in the hope that it’ll lead to more empathy, understanding, tolerance and more support for young carers within schools.
    We’ve set up an e petition to try and get more support for the campaign this way – http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/youngcarersawareness
    My background is that I’m a carer myself and both my children are young carers. I recently published Caitlin’s Wish – a book for young carers. The book was originally written for my daughter when she was too young to access our local YC project and she felt isolated and alone coz none of her school friends could understand what her life as a young carer was like. The book helped her to think more positively and was published in the hope it might help others. (http://www.caitlinswish.co.uk )
    Since publishing it I received so many emails saying that people had gone through similar experiences to us and that there wasn’t much support for young carers in schools, that I decided to start looking into this more and so the campaign began.
    So far we have managed to get a link to the Children’s Society / Princess royal trust for carers schools resource pack added to the Welsh Assembly Govt’s PSE website, and we are hoping to get similar links added to the equivalent websites throughout the UK eventually.
    I heard about your project through Julian Sturdy when he debated about young carers last week.
    I wish you all the best with your campaign, and I’ll be sharing your videos!!!

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