YCR meet the Clinical Commissioning Group


YCR were delighted to be invited to meet with Fliss Wood from the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The meeting had been set up after Liz Langwade from York Carers Centre had met Fliss at the CCG public forum. Jamiee, Sami, Steph and Cat were chosen to represent the group at the meeting. The group talked through their previous work and presented their responses to the Children and Young People’s Plan. Then it was over to Fliss to ask some questions which could help her work at the CCG. Her questions were mainly around how the CCG could help young carers more. The themes of discussion focussed on the difficulties young carers have with getting prescriptions, lack of communication between health professionals and how that can impact on complex home situations and also how health and wellbeing services could work with schools more effectively. It was a good discussion which will hopefully lead to more. Well done to all!


About Young Carers Revolution

Young Carers Revolution is a movement of change for young carers in York. By developing our voice and using it well, we can make a positive difference to issues which we face.
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