Young Carers Revolution x MPs! by Emma


As part of carer’s week the YCR crew had planned an event to meet with MPs and other important people to discuss the following topics:

Transitions : Employment : Social Care : Education : Hidden carers : Welfare Reforms : Mental health   

Before the event took place we had discussed how we should tackle this and where to hold it. The YCR crew went round meeting people to find out what their job was and talking about the YCR project and answer any questions that they had to ask. When everyone had arrived we explained to everyone about YCR, what we had done, how it started, how long it had been running for and what we wanted to get out of the project.

In the picture above Charlie and I were discussing education and what needs to be changed to help young carers like us. The question that we came up with to ask the MPs was – What are you going to do to support young carers in the new exam system?

By Emma


About Young Carers Revolution

Young Carers Revolution is a movement of change for young carers in York. By developing our voice and using it well, we can make a positive difference to issues which we face.
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